I, Steve, am the leader and founder of Stevenism. I am God. Through the years I have followed the Buddah into both the light and dark, and have found my happy medium. Not through meditation, or a life of chasity, but a life of doing whatever I please, and what pleases me is to create my own religion. My goal, through Stevenism, is to create a world of peace and prosper without giving up all the things that make life great, like drugs, sex and rock and roll. Born the first son of a Tester, I was brought up to believe that life was all about work and money and everything else came second. Raised by a nurse I was brought up to believe that you must treat everyone with respect and bow down to those stronger than you.

For years I had toiled to create a belief of my own, I believed in what my father and my aunt had taught me, but their opinions were conflicting, such as the first and second testiments of the Holy Bible. The Old Testiment teaches one "Eye for an Eye" (father) while the New Testiment contradicts this with "Turn the Other Cheek" (aunt).

Well, one day I got backed into a corner, there was absolutly no escape, no "fight or flight" only "fight" was left. As a passive young man I did not believe I could do this. It was at this moment I realized there was a Neo-Testiment, a way to "fight through flight". Basically, when you're backed into a corner hit whatever's coming at you with a big stick and then run like hell. It's not fighting, nor is it running away, but rather backing off and re-evaluating the situation before proceeding. It was not a belief, but rather an idea. I discovered Steveopia.

Since this day I have walked alone amoung a sea of sheep. I have listened to the flock squabble amoungst themselves, I have listened and I have laughed and I have cried. Laughed at cock-eyed beliefs, and cried for what we have lost because of those cock-eyed beliefs. I have taught many people, but more importantly I have learned from those I have taught. I have learned to let go, I have learned to be free.

Life isn't about money or work or power or lack of power or treating everyone with respect. Those are the things that make life great. Work to make money to afford the luxuries in life, treat those who deserve respect with respect, knowlege is power and the only true knowlege is that you know nothing. Life is about following your own path. Follow me to a new Nirvana in Steveopia, where I am King. And you can be too.


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