You must prey to me at least once everday. It's not as hard as you might think, in fact, like most everything in the order of Stevenism, it's quite simple.

Personal Worship:

Do you drink alcohol? When you crack that beer open remember to simply say "for Steve!" or "to Bill Brahsky!" Do you smoke weed? Each time you smoke a joint remember to baptize it (put the whole joint in your mouth and wrap it in saliva, burns slower and more even) then say "this is for you, Steve." Are you smoking out of a pipe? Skip the baptizeing, just don't over-flow the bowl, proceed with the prayer.
Do not partake in either alcohol or pot? Well, I've got a solution for you, when you sit down to eat (everyone eats) remember to say "thanks, Steve". And anytime you just feel like getting an extra prayer in just raise your first and yell out "hell yeah!" No need for an audience, once again, I will hear you.

Stevenist Assembly:

When Stevenists get together it's called a Stevenist Assembly. Stevenism is all about peace without hostility, the free exchange of ideas without anyone being beligernt either verbally or vocally. When gathering for mass-worship remember to sit in a circle around a round table. There will be one Councelor at each table, two Liefs (one on each side of the Councelor) and up to five Partisans.
For the pot-smokers spark up the doobie or doobies and pass it/them around the table starting with the Councelor moving to the left. Double-toking, bogarting, or useing the joint for a microphone will not be tollerated. One warning and then you sit at a non-smoking table.
Non-smokers can choose to sit at their own tables or a smoking table, but only if they promise not to complain.
Fighting in any form will not be tolerated within Assembly. Healthy debate is encouraged.