Bare with me for a moment -- hee heE HEE HEE HA HA HA HA HA HEE HEH *snort* HOO HOO HEh hah hoo -- thank you for waiting.
Ohhh-kay, right, mad world. Mad World is just what I call what I do, pardon? What is it that I do? Well, it's not a whole lot of anything really, just basically just stuff that comes out of my head and onto paper or onto my computer here. I hope I'm not moving too fast for you. OK, to the left there you will find a list of "COMICS", starting with "Aimsley" to "Supermike" these are all comics I have done, are doing or just whatever. The dealie-o for all these comics is that I created them, they're all 100% original, no one else wrote or drew them. Now, not everything you see in my comic books is completely fictional. In fact a big group of the stuff you find on this site actually happened, or is based on something that really happened. And when it didn't happen at all and is completely made up, chances are the characters are based on people I really know. Now when I say "based" it's just like the movies when you see "inspired by a true story" or "based on a true story", hang onto the very basic meaning of the meaning "based". Most of the time I'll just use their name, or how they look, or a combo of the two, what happens to them probably never happened in real life. To anyone who recognizes themselves: You can't sue me! I asked you, or told you that you were in my comic and agreed in one way or another, so there.


There's only really a few quick things you should know about the navigation of this website. First everything is broken into three groups: FEATURES, COMICS and OTHER STUFF.

FEATURES includes about, my stuff, news and sketchbook. In the sketchbook you must first enter the page then select the area you should be going to.

COMICS is what Mad World is all about. You can select the "comics" link in each page to access the comics, there are also "upcoming" and "characters". "Upcoming" is like a previews page. Now each comic contains it's own character, so they have been divided into their own titles. Everything takes place in Coleville, so chances are you'll find characters cross-over from title to title, like Dono King, he has a habit of doing that.

OTHER STUFF, basically just as it says, anything that wouldn't fit anywhere else goes here. To get a link to me hit the "feedback" button.


List of everything BASED on real life

Johnny Trash Jon Doll
Sarah Stevenson Sarah Stevenson
Alex Stevenson Alexandra Prabaharan
Donovan King Donovan Doll
Josh King Josh Tory
Jon King Jon Doll
Steven King Stephen Doll (me)
Billy Davidson "Little" Mark
Bob Jameson Marc DiPeitro
Layla McDougal
Addie Yearsley
The Janitor Jon Doll
Kato Kado (a dog)

Coleville, ALBERTA is a fake town in a real province of Canada. Coleville is the collection of basically every real place I have ever lived which includes: Alix, AB; Ponoka, AB; Red Deer, AB; and Jakarta, Indonesia. Soon Calgary, AB will be incorperated into Coleville as I have just moved here.

The Force Adult Store in Coleville that Supermike works at is based on Source Adult Video located in downtown Red Deer, AB; where I worked when I was just 18.

Things Steve King's car in "Hail the the King: The First One" is based on my old car, a silver 1995 Toyota Tercel, which I had put over quarter million kilometers in just eight months. Now I have a new car, a 1991 Pontiac Firefly, so Steve King will be getting a new car in the next issue of Hail the The King.

"Hail the the King: The First One"

In The Story: When Dono King wakes up in the begining of this story we find that he's in Calgary (this takes place before I moved here) and has no true recollection of what happened the night before. It turns out that he and his brother Josh stole a truck at a bush party and drove it down to Calgary. It's up to Steve to get to Calgary as fast as possible to save his little brother's ass.

What Really Happened: Well, my real brother never really stole a truck with his real-life friend Josh, but another friend, who shall remain nameless (*at-hack-key*), had stolen a truck one night. He picked up my brother and went for a drunken joy-ride that night before setting fire to it just outside of a small village. Well the next morning I'm sleeping and get a message on my phone from Dono: "Steve, you gotta come to **** and pick me up -- QUICK" and that was the message. Well, I'm about 75 kilometers away, just about an hours drive following the speed limit. I found my brother about 20 minutes later (I was doing about 150 KM/h the whole way down an 80 road) and got him about of that village. I've never hit a goat.

One other quick footnote about "Hail the the King: The First One": When Jon King wakes Steve King up with the "three-string guitar" that really happened. Only it wasn't the same day I had to rescue my brother but another day. My cousin Jon was living in Lac La Biche, AB and had come down to pick the rest of his stuff up. I was out partying the day before and had a massive hang-over so the bastard descides to wake me up with his three-string guitar.



I would like to thank anyone who let me use them without getting mad about it, mostly my cousin Jon Doll who's not just the basis of one of my characters, but three of my characters. Oh and Tammy Clish, who was the only one who was interested in reading Deadhappy and gave me the name Aimsley to use for an unnamed secondary character in that comic. Aimsley evolved into his own and now is the main character of THE collected Mad World story.