Title To Be Determined

There's two twin brothers of the age of 14, they're from Coleville and they're out on the bike trails just outside of town when a metor strikes the earth infront of them. Jimmy is the first to get there and when he touches it he is badly burned then Greg pushes his brother Jimmy out of the way just as the metor explodes and Greg gets caught in the blast. Instead of dying Greg is blessed with super-powers (very simular to Superman) while Jimmy is left with a bad scar on his right arm.

Years later Greg and Jimmy have both moved on to differnt things, Greg off to the Big City and becomes and world famous superhero called the Titian. Jimmy meanwhile goes to college to get a degree in education and then moves back to Coleville to become a teacher. But over the years of his brother getting all the attention and Jimmy never being mentioned he comes to believe that he should have been the one that got the powers, and the glory.

Jimmy concocts a machine that will suck the power out of Greg and into him. Kinda like Doom did with both the Silver Surfer and the Beyonder. After acomplishing this Jimmy dones the idenity of his brother Greg and becomes a "hero" himself, only he kills his opponants... some of whom aren't guilty of any true crime.

Enter Hal, a detective, and Greg's inside man in the Police Department. When he tries to contact Greg and fails, and when the new Titian fails to recognize him at a crime scene he takes it upon himself to find out who this new guy is and where his buddy Greg is at. When he discovers the truth it becomes a campain to clear his friend's name and bring Jimmy to justice.

The Man Who Fell Off the Face of the Earth
Meet Dave. Dave is a 39 year old executive for his law firm, he has a wife, two childern and a dog. Life is swell.

Or so it seems, he's going through a middle age crisis, his best friend is up for his promotion at work, his wife is developing a drinking problem, his son is using drugs, he just found out his baby girl is going to have a baby of her own, and the dog is missing, probably eaten by the grizzley bear that's on the loose through the community. So he decides to go for a walk and doesn't come back, he drops off the face of the Earth.

While he's gone his best friend makes an advance on his wife, his son goes missing to the mean streets of the city and they eventually hold his funeral after three months. Where did Dave go?

Dave went to another planet, Konta, where they hail him as the saviour that will save their people from the million year war between 13 differnt religions. Now Dave must find out how he got there, why he's there, what's going on, fend off the advances of one of the leader's daughters (he's a married man), and find a way home.

The Lost

Basically Peter Pan if Donovan King had accidentally killed Peter Pan. Oh yeah, and Peter Pan's a vampire and the lost boys are his clan. When Dono kills Peter he inherits the Golden Sword, the only blade ever made that can kill a vampire, with inheriting the Golden Sword he also inherits the responisbility of leading the lost boys.

The lost boys don't like him at first, but over a hundred years (just about as long as Peter had ruled) they have not only learnt to trust him but to follow him freely and believe in him.

Donovan becomes tired of the vampire life after 150 years and decides that he's going to become human once more and take up life, in the year 2130. The boys decide that this isn't right and they go to find their leader and turn him back into a vampire.

Donovan doesn't go easy, he's fallen in love with a human woman and has to fight his old friends to the death for his and her freedom.

Kato's Night Out

Two years old, orangie-brownish colored fur, rottie body with fur of a chow. He's smart, calm, and nieve about the real dog world filled with strays, beaten dogs, gaurd dogs, scavengers as well as the posh. He runs into cats, which Kato has never seen before and knows nothing about the feud between them.

He gets his first taste of bitches while on his night out. He's forced to make a choice between his family and the little boy. What makes Kato, Kato is that he's never known his father. Kato believes that his father is a great breeding dog and goes around and scores all the time leaving his seed wherever he goes, the casanova of dogs.

He discovers that his father is nothing more than an old stray who has a habit of wandering into yards, getting the sent of heat he goes into overdrive and needs it and gives it. Kato's whole world comes crashing down around him. He thinks that family isn't anything. His father isn't all bad tho, he's old and wise, street smart, and can talk any other dog into anything, any other dog but Kato.

His dad trys to persuade Kato into becoming his decipal and steal together, like Luke and Aniakin Skywalker, he finds out the truth and leaves his dad until he watches him get caught by the dogcatcher and goes and saves him. Kato's dad becomes good.

The Four Elements

There are four people, one guy and three chicks. The world is in a desperate state of affairs, the earth and all life is in dire need of a hero, for more than just mankind but for the Earth itself.

Four people are chosen by their respective elements. Fire (the guy), Wind, Water and Earth (three chicks) are here to save the world... but only the world. They must confront their own fears and put aside their own "wants" to do what they have been chosen to do or the earth will die.

The three girls have been given the task of recreating the world, to fill the oceans, to create life, to mend the Earth and blow the winds. The guy on the other hand has been given the unfortunate task of first destroying it all with his fire. He will kill everything and everyone, burn all women, childern, plants, fish, the entire planet will end with fire... he must deal with this.

The climax of the story will be him inside a circle of nothing with fire all around him as he has to listen to everything scream in every language and not just in the languages of man... the fire is part of him and he is part of his fire... he burns everything. The oceans boil and evaporate into steam.

When he's done his job earth forms the lands over again into new continates, air works on the winds, Water refills the oceans and lakes... when that's done nature takes care of it's self, the grass regrow, trees grow, animals come back, etc.

Water has already once drowned the world (Noah and that Ark of his), wind has frozen the world (we call that the ice age) and earth has sunk the old world into the ocean (atlantis)... way way back in the day... now it's Fire's turn and there's no backing out of it.

The Janitor

Ron Johnson was just a normal custodian at a college until one fateful night when a group of thugs jumped him and left him for dead 25 miles out of town. When Ron came to he found that he had be both blessed and cursed with supernatural ablities. Vowing revenge on the punks who did this to him: Ron Johnson is cleaning up the streets of Coleville as "The Janitor".

The Janitor Strikes Back

After his brush with death Ron Johnson tries to lead a normal life, taking up a custodial job with a mega-corporation that has just moved into Coleville. After learning their evil schemes they try to knock him off. And his supernatural ablities leave him. But he lives. Vengence will be his. The Janitor Strikes Back.