Panel One: A white stripe races down the Old McDonald Road, overgrown with weeds and grass, still a cloud of dust rises quickly behind, like a jet at full throttle. The usually quiet road is unaccustomed to such high speed travel this time in the afternoon, well, at any time actually, but today is a special day: payday.
Panel Two: Today nothing can wipe the grin off of the young man driving the beat up Dodge Shadow's face, money in his pocket, a full tank of gas and a beautiful brunette dressed in black as his co-pilot on his journey into mystery.
Panel Three: the young brunette spoke loudly over the deafening rap music.
Jackie: "Jason, maybe you should slow down," the vehicle now approaching a speed accessing 130 kilometers an hour.
Panel Four: Jason's grin now stretching from ear to ear
Jason: "Don't worry; I rip down the back roads all the time!"
Panel Five: As the two continued to speed down the gravel road the young woman gripped the roof-handle so hard her knuckles were starting to turn white.
Jackie: "Hey! Look out!"
Panel Six: A small furry animal darted in front of the car.
Panel Seven: The brunette in black unable to watch dropped her head into her hands.
Jackie: "that could have been some little girl's cat ya' know!"

Panel One: Jason can't hold back his laughter.
Jason: "Not anymore it's not!" he snickers
Panel Two: As he ran his eyes up her body he noticed a parting the trees and stopped the car, with dust flying all around them he quickly threw it into reverse.
Panel Three: Surprised by the sudden stop the woman had almost been jerked from her seat,
Jackie: "What the fuck, Jason?!"
Panel Four: Close up of the road. It wasn't so much a road as it was a path, it didn't look like anyone had driven down it in a long time as there were no ruts that they tires could fall into
Jason: "There's a road there I haven't seen before, I want to check it out."
Panel Five: The tree branches scraped along the roof and sides as they continued on. Moving slowly they could hear the dead twigs snap as they rolled over each one, the growth along the sides of the road was tall and bugs were leaping as they passed. The trees acted like a canopy and the shade was welcome as they had been driving in the hot sun for what seemed like hours trying to find a decent spot to get out and have a personal party, even though it wasn't even four in the afternoon yet.
Panel Six: Jason pointed to where the path ended
Jason: "Hey, Jackie, check it out, I think we found our spot."

Panel One: The Dodge crept up to a clearing in the trees, in the middle stood a dilapidated brown cabin, The cabin didn't look anyone had been there recently, probably not in years, the windows were boarded up, the swing on the front porch hung on an odd angle, the vegetation and weeds were growing on all sides and signs of rot and moss grew on the walls.
Jackie: "I don't know, kinda gives me the creeps."
Panel Two: The single floor cabin's front steps creaked as they stepped on them and felt like they would give way if much more weight was placed on them. Jackie walked closer to Jason as they approached the front door;
Panel Three: With the bottle of Crown Royal in his hand and with her rubbing up next to him, things were looking good. The brown and broken front door swung open relatively easy, aside from the loud, deep groaning sound which made Jackie's stomach churn adding to her increasing discomfort, she just about tripped over her own two feet as the pair entered inside over the threshold.
Panel Four: [rest of page panel] Once inside they took a moment to look around before continuing; quite roomy and deceiving from outside, the front room was large and filled with cloth covered furniture, the walls were all papered with a striking gold and maroon pattern distracting from the deep green rug on which they stood. In the middle of the room was a low hanging chandelier from which were at least thirty candle shaped lights, there what appeared to be two couches, wide and facing one another with a cloth covered table between the two, on the walls hung portraits, unnamed neither knew who they were, but the style pf clothing pointed to them being older than a hundred years right up to what looked like the late sixties or early seventies.
Panel Five: [inserted in panel four] Most of the smaller portraits seemed to be lined to give one large painting as the focal point, placed above the mantel of a large red brick fireplace with an iron grill, the painting was of an old castle positioned in the middle of a village, much larger than any other building the shadow covered most of the village, the style of the castle was most peculiar as it didn't seem to follow any particular architectural style nor a mix of any either, but rather seemed to be made from the Earth it's self and looked as thought it had spiraled upwards from the middle of the village consuming different dwellings and incorporated them into it's self.

Panel One: Jason was the first to step around the furniture and pull the dust covered sheets of the two couches.
Panel Two: Jackie promptly sat down and waited for him to join him, but he didn't.
Panel Three: Jason exited the room and began to walk around the cabin,
Panel Four: She could hear where he was from the creaking and moaning of the floorboards as he took each step.
Panel Five: Just before she couldn't stand to be alone any longer he returned,
Jason: "You'll never believe this, but there is absolutely nothing else in the house."
Jackie: "What?"

Panel One: he stroked his goatee,
Jason: "Yeah, no beds, no bathroom, no kitchen, no cupboards, nothing, only four empty rooms."
Jackie: "No kitchen or bathroom?"
Jason: "Nothing, it's kinda weird."
Panel Two:
Jackie: "What if I need to go to the bathroom?"
Jason: "I guess you have to squat in the bushes."
Jackie: "Sick."
Panel Three: Jason took the bottle of Crown Royal and removed it from its fancy purple satchel, removed the cap and took a swig, his face contorted from the burning taste.
Panel Four: He passed it to Jackie; she did the same then set it down on the table when Jason pulled out a joint.
Panel Five: Surprisingly as the bottle was placed down there was a sound of glass hitting glass. Panel Six: They looked at the table for a second.
Jason: "Cool, I always wanted a glass table"

Panel One: Jason removed the cloth from the table
Jackie: "It's a mirror,"
Panel Two: Jason looking at himself
Jason: "No shit,"
Panel Three: The mirror was sitting on top of the table, the frame was made from gold and each side's patterns of what looked like faces all stretching and pulling from one another connected, in a pale gold.
Jackie: "That's horrible."
Jason: "I think it's pretty cool,"
Jackie: "You would."
Panel Four: The grotesque mirror as about four and a half feet tall and shined as though it had just been polished, Jason first admired the mirror it's self then his eyes came to rest on himself and he took a moment to admire his own reflection,
Jason: "I could see this in my living room--"
Panel Five: a shimmer passed though it
Jason: "--whoa!"
Panel Six: Jackie looks at Jason oddly.
Jackie: "What?"
Jason: "Did you…? I mean… what the fuck was that?"
Jackie: "What??"
Jason: "Something moved in it."
Jackie: "You, maybe?"

Panel one: panorama view of the two
Jason: "No, smartass. It was like--"he paused to think, "like--" he thought about it again, "-- I don't know what it was like, it was fucking weird though."
Jackie: "What was? You haven't even had more than one drink."
Panel Two: Jason close up
Jason: "No,"
Jason: "it was like, it wasn't me for a second, only it was me… then it was me again… normal I mean."
Panel Three: Jackie close up
Jackie: "Ohhh-kay…" she paused, "what the fuck are you talking about?"
Panel Four: She was getting that creeped out feeling again and shivered,
Jackie: "You feel that draft?"
Panel Five: Jason couldn't take his eyes off of the mirror.
Panel Six: Then it shimmered again!

Panel One: He let go of it letting it fall to the ground. It had seemed to fall in slow motion and Jackie covered her ears so the crash wouldn't be so loud, only the strange mirror did not break, only landed with a thud.
Panel Two: Jason picked it back up again.
Jason: "Strong,"
Panel Three: Then he looked in it once more, but a sliver of the gold cut his finger and he released it back onto the floor, this time cracking the shining mirror into two.
Jason: "Ow! Motherfucker!" he yelled sucking on his bleeding finger, "ok, so maybe it isn't that strong after all."

Panel One: mirrored faces
Panel Two: BEK's
Panel Three: The Tower surrounded by flames
Panel Four: Zombie people.

Panel One: The King
Panel Two: Jason Davis
Panel Three: Mike Kent
Panel Four: Kimble Fox
Panel Five: Alex Stevenson
Panel Six: Marc Mackenzie
Panel Seven: Mark Rolland
Panel Eight: Sarah Stevenson
Panel Nine: Tyler Dutch
Panel Ten: Johnny Trash
Panel Eleven: Layla McDougal
Panel Twelve: Werewolf

Panel One: Aimsley walking through a field of brown grass.
Panel Two: Christian is sitting cross-legged by a soundless highway.
Panel Three: Aimsley sits down beside him.
Panel Four: Side view of Aimsley looking over at Christian.
Aimsley: "Who are you?"
Panel Five: Close up of Christian pulling a silver box out of his bag
Panel Six: Christian hands Aimsley the silver box.
Christian: "This is for you."
Panel Seven: Aimsley's confused about the whole situation.
Aimsley: "What is it?"

Panel One: Christian shrugs his shoulders.
Panel Two: Aimsley looks at the box in his hand; his alarm clock is going off in the background.
Panel Three: Aimsley slams the alarm clock and wakes up in his bed.
Panel Four: Aimsley looks down in his hand and the silver box is there.
Panel Five: Aimsley tosses the box across the room.
Panel Six: Aimsley sitting on his bed with his head in his hands.

Panel One: Close up of Aimsley sitting in his counselor's office
Aimsley: "I guess people don't like me very much."
Panel Two: Profile of Jeremy John, the counselor,
Jeremy John: "What makes you say that?"
Panel Three: Aimsley looks down at the ground
Aimsley: "I dunno, they just don't"
Panel Four: Jeremy John's desk name plaque
Jeremy John: "hmmm…"

Panel One: You can see all of Jeremy John's degree's hanging on the wall behind him.
Jeremy John: "Aimsley, have you ever thought about what you're going to do after high school? College? Start a career?"
Panel Two: Close up of Aimsley scratching the back of his neck with a slight smile on his face.
Aimsley: "ummm… no, not really."
Jeremy John: "What's so funny?"
Aimsley: "Nothing."
Panel Three: Close up of Jeremy John
Jeremy John: "Have you ever taken an aptitude test?"
Aimsley: "Nope."
Jeremy John: "It helps you find what you would like to do and or good at then matches you with a career field --"
Panel Four: Aimsley close up
Aimsley thinks: "man this sucks"
Jeremy John: "blah - blah - blah"
Panel Five: Aimsley close up
Jeremy John: "blah - tomorrow - blah - second period - blah"
Aimsley: "I have math second period tomorrow,"
Panel Six: Aimsley close up
Jeremy John: "blah - tomorrow - blah - free period - blah"
Aimsley thinks: "man this really sucks"

Panel One: Aimsley walking alone, Kimble running to catch up
Caption: "Later"
Kimble: "Hey! Aimsley! Wait up!"
Panel Two: Kimble catches up with Aimsley
Aimsley: "Oh, hey Kimble, what's up?"
Kimble: "*puff* -- Aims-- *puff* did, didn't you hear *puff* me call you?"
Aimsley: "Umm… nope."
Kimble: "oh."
Panel Three: The two walking together
Kimble: "Yeah, man, I was yelling at you for the last five minutes."
Aimsley: "Sorry, I didn't hear you."
Kimble: "You really are a space cadet, you know?"
Aimsley: "I guess."
Kimble: "What's with the long face? Is it herpes? My uncle had herpes. Herpes aren't fun.
Aimsley: "Stop saying herpes! No, I don't have -- *sigh* never mind"
Panel Four: Profile of Kimble, Aimsley looking at him.
Kimble: "So…"
Aimsley: "So?"
Kimble: "Where's Alex?"
Aimsley: "dunno."
Kimble: "You don't know where your girlfriend is?"
Aimsley: "Nope. So what?"
Kimble: "You should?"
Aimsley: "Why?"

Panel One: Kimble pointing at Alex making out with Mike
Kimble: "Isn't that Mike she's kissing?"
Panel Two: Aimsley walks up to the two and taps Alex on the shoulder.
Aimsley: "Hey, how's it going?"
Panel Three: Alex is wide eyed, Mike's startled and Aimsley turns his back and walks away.
Alex: "Aimsley! Hi! Ummm… Hey, I was--"
Aimsley: "*sigh* save it."
Panel Four: Kimble and Aimsley walking again
Kimble: "…"
Aimsley: "…"
Kimble: "…"
Aimsley: "…"
Kimble: "…"
Aimsley: "WHAT!?"
Panel Five: Same shot as before
Kimble: "That's it?"
Aimsley: "That's it."
Kimble: "Aren't you mad?"
Aimsley: "A little disappointed."
Aimsley: "I didn't even get my suck off."

Panel One:
Kimble: "heh, heh, heh… she's a slut"
Aimsley: "Shove it."
Kimble: "What? But… but, she was cheating on you, man…"
Panel Two:
Aimsley: "Not the first time."
Kimble: "What?"
Aimsley: "Nothing. Never mind."
Panel Three:
Kimble: "C'mon! Now you gotta tell me."
Aimsley: "Leave it alone."
Kimble: "No, I'm your best friend--"
Aimsley: "--only friend--"
Kimble: "--only friend! See, all the more reason to tell me."
Aimsley: "Fuck off, Kimble. Seriously, leave it alone."
Panel Four: Kimble annoyed
Kimble: "Fine."
Panel Five: the mirror cracks
Panel Six: Kimble angry
Kimble: "No, you know what? Fuck you."

Panel One: Kimble walking away from Aimsley. Aimsley's confused.
Aimsley Thinks: "What the fuck was that all about? We haven't fought since the sixth grade. What the fuck? It's my problem, my girl… ex-girl or whatever…"
Panel Two: Aimsley remembering Alex's face.
Caption: "Man, she's so beautiful."
Panel Three: Aimsley remembering Alex's eyes.
Caption: "Those big green eyes of hers."
Panel Four: Close of Aimsley's smug smile.
Aimsley thinks: "Óh, who am I kidding--"
Panel Five: Aimsley remembering Alex's tits.
Caption: "It was those big, firm tits of hers."
Panel Six: Close up of Aimsley with his depressed face again, a silver Firefly passes in the background.
Aimsley thinks: "But… who the fuck does he think he is anyway? A goddamn king?"
Panel Seven: Steven King
Panel Eight: Jon King
Panel Nine: Josh King
Panel Ten: Dono King

Panel One: The boys all packed in the car smoking a joint.
Dono: "Ah… that was a good coke."
Steve: "Sometimes when it's hot and I've been walking around lots I get swass and my asshole chafes. Man, it fucking burns something awful. So, I take a coke can and rub it around the hole. Especially the rim-- both rims."
Panel Two: Donovan looking scared at the top of his coke
Jon: "Steve says he saw a UFO."
Josh: "A UFO?" [Laughing]
In background - Dono: "I'll fucking kill you"
Steve: "Not like an Alien UFO, but an 'I-Don't-know-what-the-fuck-it-was' kind of UFO"
Josh: "Just couldn't identify it."
In background - Dono: "a Texas initiation"
Panel Three: Close up of Josh, Dono beside him.
Josh: "Was it oval shaped?"
In background - Dono: "…a dirty Sanchez while you sleep… I know where you live…"
Panel Four: Shot from the front windshield.
Steve: "No, more like a diamond."
Josh: "A satellite?"
Steve: "No, that's what I thought at first too. But it was too close and moving too fast, and it was too far away to be a weather balloon or airplane."
Dono: "Maybe they'll come back and anal probe you."
Jon: "heh… anal probe…"

Panel One: The clouds all start to light up and flash random colors.
Panel Two: Donovan's scared shitless
Panel Three: An airplane flies out of the clouds.
Panel Four: The King boys are relieved and start laughing.
Panel Five: They begin to drive away.
Josh: "What's that?"
Panel Six: Close up of a crying girl walking with torn clothes, a little bit of blood and scratches on her, very sad look on her face.

Panel One: The night's air was cool and crisp tonight. Like a cartoon the lone van in the parking lot of the Coleville Movieplex's parking lot stood under the lamp's light. Joe's in the back of his van playing with some video editing mumbling about how Jenny's (his girlfriend of three years) is a bitch for throwing him out. The temperature inside of the van was battling that of outside; Joe could see his own breath. In the monitor of the video editor he could see his own reflection looking back at him.
Panel Two: Joe isn't the most handsome man on the planet, but even Joe had to stop and look at how he had let himself go on the personal hygiene. He hadn't brushed his teeth in three days, nor shaved for five, and hadn't had a shower for about twice as long as that. He stinks, he stinks and he knows it, hell he stinks and he doesn't really care. His goatee had thickened since he had stopped trimming it, bushy and soiled with bits of his chicken pot pie dinner his stubble was catching up; almost a weak beard had grown in.
Panel Three: His stained blue shirt wasn't doing much for him either, 'as long as it hides my pot belly I'll be ok' he thought, tall and broad shouldered he found it slightly difficult to move around freely in the back of his van.
Panel Four: The knocking surprised Joe and he jumped up and smacked his head into the roof shaking the van slightly.
Joe: "Ow. Yeah, yeah, yeah, gimme a moment,"
Panel Five: Joe's rubbing his head.
Joe Thinks: 'Man, I so hope that it's not the cops, everything else sucks right now, all I would need is a ticket and that would be it, I bet it's a ticket, I know it's a ticket fucker fuck, fuck, fuck, now what am I going to do? I'm broke as-- as--'
Panel Six: His train of thought had come halting to an abrupt end when he peered out the passenger-side window and saw three odd children peering back at him.

Panel One: You can't see their breath nor do they cast a shadow.
BEK #1: "Hey mister?"
BEK#1: "Mister? Can you please give us a ride home, please? Mister?"
Panel Two: Joe could do nothing except stare back at the trio of kids that had come up to his van. Joe looks at the children and just barely cracks open the window and ask what they want. They ask for a ride, almost demanding they give him one.
BEK#1: "We need to go home now; our mother is calling us,"
Panel Three: Joe reaches for the door.
Panel Four: then looks at his hand, breaking the eye contact.
Panel Five: Then to the face of the kid. He's got coal black eyes, no white, no pupil, no iris, only black.
BEK#1: "Let us in! We can't come in unless you say it's ok! Our mother is calling us, please mister LET US IN!"
Panel Six: Joe's fumbles with the clutch, slams it into gear, and screeches out of there.

Panel One: Aimsley's sitting up in his room listening to music and playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on his Super Nintendo, he could be playing his Playstation, or his X-Box, but he's going old school with his SNES, we see games like Mario Kart, Golden Eye and Conker's Bad Fur Day are laying on the floor around with some magazines and random garbage. As well as an alarm clock that says 9:14 PM.
Panel Two: Side-shot of him playing games, his door behind him.
Aimsley: "Who's there?"
Panel Three: The door opens and Layla enters his room. Aimsley doesn't turn his head.
Layla: "Hey Aims, how's it going?"
Aimsley: "Good and you?"
Panel Four: Close up of Layla sitting down next to Aimsley, who is still playing Zelda.
Layla: "Good, I suppose. I didn't knock, how did you know I was there?"
Aimsley: "I could hear you breathing."
Layla: "What?"
Aimsley: "Nothing. What's up?"
Panel Five: Dead on shot of the two of them sitting there.
Layla: "I heard about you and Alex."
Aimsley: "I don't feel like talking about that right now."
Layla: "I also heard about Kimble."

Panel One: Aimsley still not turning away from the video game.
Aimsley: "Look, are you going to turn something minor into some teen-drama? Seriously, because if you are, save it for The WB. Write an episode of Smallville or something."
Layla: "Fine. I was just trying to help."
Panel Two: Layla gets up to leave.
Panel Three: Aimsley finally puts the controller down. Layla's opening the door.
Aimsley: "Hey, wait. Look, I'm sorry--"
Panel Four: Same shot as above.
Aimsley: "I don't mean to be rude. Not really… but--
Layla: "--but?"
Aimsley: "-- I'm having a bad week."
Layla: "How long have we been friends?"
Aimsley: "We're not friends. You're my friend's girlfriend."
Panel Five: Close up of Layla.
Layla: "We've hung out everyday for the past two months, I think we're friends."
Panel Six: Aimsley looks down at the floor.
Aimsley: "Hmmm…"
Layla: "'Hmmm…' what?"
Panel Seven: Aimsley looking at Layla.
Aimsley: "Nothing… just figured you didn't like me much."
Layla: "Why would you say that?"
Panel Eight: Layla confused.
Aimsley: "I dunno… nobody else really likes me."
Layla: "Who cares about everyone else?
Panel Nine: Aimsley turns his TV off.
Aimsley: "Hey, what are you doing for the next couple of hours?"
Layla: "Nothing. Why?"
Aimsley: "You should come with me."
Layla: "Where?"

Panel One: Each panel is shaped like a TV screen, someone's flipping through channels.
Reporter: "--where a seven year old boy has stabbed his sister to death--"
Panel Two: switches channel
Reporter: "--reporting live from a hostage situation in Valley Hills Condos--"
Panel Three: switches channel
Reporter: "--murder-suicide here, where a priest first shot his wife and then turned the weapon on himself--"
Panel Four: switches channel
Inu Yasha: "--damn dirty--"
Panel Five: switches channel
Reporter: "--Mrs. Johnson says a large dog attacked her in this park earlier today--"
Panel Six: we can see Jason Davis' reflection in the screen. He's smiling.
Reporter: "--neighbors say the fire started in the garage out back--"

Panel One: The Kings are taking Jackie to the hospital. Jackie's crying in the back seat between Josh and Dono.
Josh: "Don't worry, it's going to be alright, we're taking you to the hospital."
Dono: "What the fuck happened to you?"
Panel Two: Close up of Steve yelling at Dono from the front seat.
Steve: "Dono shut the fuck up. Have a heart, man."
Dono: "Fuck you, man."
Jon: "LEFT! The hospital is LEFT!"
Panel Three: Steve's hammering on the gas, takes a sharp left.
Jackie: "No, its ok, I don't want to go to the hospital."
Josh: "I think we should take you there."
Jackie: "I said NO! FOR FUCK SAKES!"
Panel Four: Josh with an embarrassed look on his face, like he's done something wrong.
Josh: "Sorry… look were you--? Have you been--? What hap-- I mean?"
Jackie: "No, look, I'm sorry… just… I just want to go home… nothing happened, my boyfriend hit me a few times is all…"
Panel Five: Dono has an angry look on his face
Dono: "That's all!? THAT'S ALL!?"
Steve: "Whoa! Dono! Calm the fuck down!"
Dono: "Fuck you! No! There's no reason to hit a woman at all!"
Steve: "I know, just SHUT THE FUCK UP!"
Panel Six: Steve slams on the breaks and pulls over to the side
Josh: "I still think we should take you to the hospital… what's up?"
Dono: "Hey Steve? Why are we pulling over?"
Panel Seven: Steve turns around to talk to Jackie.
Steve: "Look, if we're not going to take you to the hospital, where're we taking you?"
Jackie: "I just want to go home."
Steve: "Yeah, where is that?"
Jackie: "Fairmont Heights, by the school."
Steve: "Thank you."

Panel One: Josh is still looking at her. Steve starts driving again.
Josh: "Look, I can understand you don't want to talk. But it might help."
Jackie: "I told you, he just slapped me around a little bit."
Dono: "Who?" [Mad]
Panel Two: Jackie's head in her hands
Jackie: "Jason, my boyfriend. Jason Davis."
Jon: "Doesn't he play hockey for the Blazers?"
Jackie: "Yeah."
Panel Three: Dono's got a serious face on
Dono: "I think we ought to pay him a visit."
Panel Four: Jackie scared.
Jackie: "No, don't! You don't understand; something's happened to him…"
Steve: "what?"
Jackie: "I don't know, just something, he's not the same anymore…"

Panel One: Aimsley and Layla are sitting on the top part where the slide goes at the park
Layla: "I remember playing here as a kid."
Aimsley: "I still play here sometimes."
Panel Two: Close up of Layla.
Layla: "Oh yeah? What do you do?"
Aimsley: "Nothing really. Think."
Panel Three: Layla starts to laugh.
Layla: "Really? In the time I've known you, you've always seemed not to want to think about anything. Just kinda rush into things."
Panel Four: Aimsley with that distant look in his eyes again.
Aimsley: "Well lately I've had a lot on my mind."
Layla: "Like what?"
Panel Five: Aimsley looks like he's blushing.
Aimsley: "Nothing, really."
Layla: "See, this is what I don't get about you! You always seem like you have something to say but when anyone ever asks you, you run back inside of yourself!"
Panel Six: Aimsley sits down.
Aimsley: "I had this fucked up dream last night."
Layla: "*sigh* what about your dream?"
Aimsley: "You remember that kid that died a few years ago? Christian? He was in our art class back in grade 8 I think, or 7."
Panel Seven: Layla sits down beside him.
Layla: "Yeah, I remember him. Always kept to himself. He was in your dream?"
Aimsley: "Yeah, anyway, all I can remember is him giving me a box, said it was mine."
Layla: "What was in the box?"
Aimsley: "I don't know. I can't open."
Panel Eight: Layla looks at him weird.
Layla: "In your dream? In your dream you couldn't open it?"
Aimsley: "No, I mean in real life. I woke up and the box I got in my dream was there."
Layla: "Are you sure you didn't sleep walk and get it?"
Aimsley: "No, I never seen it before I woke up this morning."
Panel Nine: Layla's looking at him really strangely. Aimsley keeps his head down.
Aimsley: "Please don't look at me like that."
Layla: "Like what?"
Aimsley: "Like I'm crazy. My dad gives me that look all the time. I don't like it."

Panel One: Layla looks down as well.
Layla: "Sorry. I don't think you're crazy. I think--"
Panel Two: Aimsley looks over at her
Aimsley: "You think what?"
Panel Three: Layla looks back at him, he quickly looks down.
Layla: "I think-- it doesn't matter."
Aimsley: "Do you want to know what I think?"
Layla: "What?"
Panel Four: Serious look on Aimsley's face.
Aimsley: "I think I'm supposed to deliver this to someone."
Layla: "Why?"
Aimsley: "I dunno why… it's just the first thing I thought when I picked it up. It didn't belong to me and… and I was supposed to find who it does belong to."

Panel One: A moment of silence between the two.
Panel Two: Aimsley keeps his head down
Aimsley: "I don't think I'm too good at being this friend guy I'm supposed to be. I don't even know why he's mad me, ya know?"
Layla: "Maybe you have to ask?"
Panel Three: Aimsley's head slumps even lower.
Aimsley: "Maybe… I don't know…"
Panel Four: Layla brushes Aimsley's hair out of his eyes.
Layla: "You know; you shouldn't hide your face with your hair like that?"
Aimsley: "What? Why not?"
Layla: "*humph* [smiles] silly boy."

Panel One: Aimsley leans over and kisses Layla on the lips.
Panel Two: Layla is shocked and breaks the kiss off
Aimsley: "What? Oh geeze… I'm sorry."
Layla: "No, no. I umm… gotta go."
Panel Three: Aimsley grabs Layla by the hand
Aimsley: "Please…"
Layla: "What?"
Aimsley: "Stay?"
Layla: "I can't."
Panel Four: Aimsley watches Layla take off.
Aimsley thinks: "Oh man, I'm fucking stupid… why did I have to do tha--"
SFX: "grrr…"
Aimsley thinks: "what the fuck was that?"

Full page splash of Aimsley being attacked by a werewolf.


Panel One: Joe's sitting by himself at a coffee shop reading the classifieds drinking his coffee.
Joe thinks: "what the fuck? What the fuck? What the fuck?!"
Panel Two: same shot as above, only taking a sip of coffee
Joe thinks: "--those eyes were waaaay too black to be contacts. Fuck Jenny--"
Panel Three: same shot, coffee's down, waitress walking past
Joe thinks: "--what the fuck were they? They looked human--"
Panel Four: same shot as before, taking another sip out of coffee, no waitress
Joe thinks: "--couldn't have been human-- those eyes--"
Panel Five: close-up of an add looking for a camera man with his own digital camcorder
Joe thinks: "--hello, hello, what do we have here?"
Panel One: The werewolf throws Aimsley right off of the playground.
Panel Two: Aimsley hits the ground hard.
Aimsley: "urghf"
Panel Three: The werewolf gets right up top of Aimsley.
Panel Four: Aimsley hits the wolf hard.
Panel Five: Aimsley tries to scramble away.
Aimsley: "What the fuck!?"
Panel Six: The wolf pounces on him again. The wolf takes a large slash at his back. Blood flies from Aimsley's body with chunks of his hoodie.
Aimsley: "AAARRRHHHHH!!!"

Panel One: Aimsley flips him off of his back and onto the hard.
Werewolf: "Yelp!"
Panel Two: Aimsley stomps on the wolf's neck and breaks it.
Werewolf: "urgle"
Aimsley: "MOTHERFUCKER!!!"

Panel One: Aimsley stops to look at the werewolf below him.
Aimsley: "What the fuck!?"
Aimsley thinks: "--what is that? That's not a-- a--"
Panel Two: Aimsley sees headlights coming
Panel Three: From the headlights of the car, it's the Kings; the headlights show the body of the werewolf lying near the road
Panel Four: Aimsley's taken off into the bush.

Panel One: Jackie leans over from the backseat and points at the werewolf.
Jackie: "Look, that dog's hurt or dead or something."
Steve: "Poor dog."
Panel Two: Jackie's flashback of Jason running over the cat.
Panel Three: Jackie's flashback of Jason laughing about it.
Jason: "not anymore it's not!"
Caption: "No, we have to pull over and help it."
Panel Four: Steve pulls over the curb.
Josh: "What if it's alive and rabid, huh? Did'ja think of that?"
Jackie: "I don't care; I'll get a rabies shot. We have to see, it could be somebody's dog."
Jon: "Sigh"
Jon: "Fine, you guys stay here."
Panel Five: Jon's getting out of the car.
Jon: "I'll go check it out."
Panel Six: From the windshield we can see Jon leaning over the werewolf
Panel Seven: Same shot but the werewolf slashes Jon
Dono: "Whoa!"
Panel Eight: Steve gets out of the car and runs for Jon, the werewolf runs away.
Steve: "Jon!"
Jon: "AHHHHH!!!! ARRGHHH!!!"

Panel One: Dono and Josh are right behind Steve; Jackie stays in the car, scared.
Dono: "Jon! What the fuck was that!?"
Josh: "Holy shit!"
Panel Two: Jon's lying on the ground covering his face; Steve is trying to get him to hold still.
Steve: "Jon, man?! Are you ok? What happened?"
Jon: "Oh god! Arrghh! My face!"
Steve: "What happened to your face?"
Jon: "It burns! It burns!"
Panel Three: Josh and Dono catch up
Josh: "What the fuck was that!?"
Dono: "What happened!?"
Josh: "Jon are you alright?"
Panel Four: Jon takes his hands off his face; it's got a large slash across it.
Panel Five: Jackie's sitting in the car watching.
Jackie: "Holy shit! This is not happening…. This is not happening!"
Panel Six: Same shot as before. Jackie's crying, freaked out even more.
SFX: "Thump!"
Jackie: "eek!"

Panel One: Jackie's in the car locking all the doors.
Panel Two: Jackie curls her knees into her chest
Jackie: "Ahh!"
Panel Three: Jackie puts her hands over her mouth
Panel Four: From the windshield: the boys are helping Jon back to the car.
Jackie: "oh-shit-oh-shit-oh-shit!"
Jackie: "No! Run away!"
Panel Five: Jackie starts honking the car horn
Panel Six: Steve runs to the car
Jackie: "No! You fucking moron! Run away!"
Panel Seven: Steve tries opening the door, it's locked.
Steve: "Open the fucking door!"
Panel Eight: Jackie unlocks the door.

Panel One: Steve shoves his head in the car
Steve: "What the fuck?"
Jackie: Get in and lock the fucking door! There's something scratching the car!"
Steve: "What the fuck are you talking about?"
Steve: "No shit! But it's gone!"
Panel Two: Jackie's getting hysterical
Steve: "What? What's scratching the car?"
Panel Three: Steve's looking around
Jackie: [from inside the car] "DON'T KNOW! CLOSE THE DOOR!"
Steve: "Calm down!"
Panel Four: Don and Josh are helping Jon to the door
Dono: "Open the door; we gotta get him to the hospital!"
Jackie: "NO!"
Steve: "CALM DOWN! It's a fucking tree branch!"
Panel Five: Steve unlocks the door
Jackie: "Are you sure?"
Steve: "Yes! We're parked under a fucking tree!"
Panel Six: Jackie moves over and Don and Josh put Jon in the car
Josh: "C'mon! We gotta get moving. He's passed out!"
Steve: "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Panel One: Aimsley's running through the brush.
Aimsley: "What the fuck!? What The fuck!?"
Panel Two: He comes out of the trees and into a back ally
Panel Three: He easily jumps over the 9 foot fence.
Panel Four: He lands on his ass and keeps his back to the wall.
Panel Five: Between huffs he's talking to himself.
Aimsley: "Man-o-man-o-man-o-man-o-man!"

Panel One: Aimsley checks out his back, it's got a large gash taken out of it.
Aimsley: "Oh man, it fucking burns."
Panel Two: Aimsley puts his back to the fence again with a wince of pain.
Aimsley: "That was a fucking bear! A bear, man! What the fuck!?"
Panel Three: A person comes out of the backdoor.
Kimble: "Aims? Is that you?"
Aimsley: "Kimble? Yeah, it's me."
Kimble: "What's going on man? Why are you sitting in my backyard?"
Aimsley: "I knew I recognized this fence."
Panel Four: Aimsley's starting to get up.
Kimble: "You look rough, man."
Aimsley: "ugh."
Aimsley: "Yeah, I've been better."
Panel Five: Aimsley turns make sure nothing's behind him and Kimble gets to see his back.
Kimble: "Your back! What the fuck happened to you?"
Aimsley: "I was attacked, man!"
Kimble: "By who?"
Aimsley: "A fucking bear."
Kimble: "Shut up. C'mon, let's get you cleaned up. What happened?"

Panel One: Walking into the kitchen they talk
Aimsley: "Seriously, man. It was a fucking bear; it's the only thing it could be."
Kimble: "Are you sure you didn't get attacked by a big fucking dog? Or a goat?"
Panel Two: Kimble's grabbing a towel and some hydrogen peroxide.
Aimsley: "Man, it was fucking huge! I dunno if it was a bear, but it had fucking claws didn't it?"
Kimble: "They sure look like claw marks."
Aimsley: "That's because they are."
Panel Three: Kimble's soaking the towel in rubbing alcohol.
Kimble: "C'mon Aimsley, a bear? There are no bears around here."
Aimsley: "Tell that to the fucking thing that did this to me."
Kimble: "Seriously, you're not blowing smoke up my ass?"
Aimsley: "Serial."
Panel Four: Kimble hands Aimsley the towel with the rubbing alcohol.
Kimble: "Here, scrub your back with this."
Aimsley: "Fuck you, that's gonna hurt."
Kimble: "I know. Do it, you pussy."
Aimsley: "Fuck you, give that to me."
Panel Five: Shot of the house from a bird's eye view
Aimsley: "AHHHHHH!!!

Panel One: An older man is down in his basement with a shotgun huddled in the corner, he's a slob, unshaven, white wife-beater stained, balding.
Man #1: "No, damnit! You can't come in!"
Panel Two: He's putting the shells into the gun.
Panel Three: He's cocked the gun and put it to his head.
Panel Four: From just under the neck to his waist
Man #3: "LEAVE ME AL--"
SFX: "BLAM!!!"

Panel One: Aimsley's climbing into his basement bedroom through his window. He's got a new sweater on, it's got a picture of a moose on it.
Panel Two: Aimsley flops onto his bed face first.
Aimsley thinks: "erf -- my back burns like hell."
Aimsley thinks: "was that a bear -- or something else…"
Panel Three: Aimsley opens his eyes
Aimsley thinks: "maybe I should go to the hospital--"
Panel Four: He sees the silver box he found after he woke up.
Aimsley thinks: "--and what the hell is that thing?"

Panel One: Aimsley picks up the box and tries to open it again.
Aimsley thinks: "and why the hell won't it open?"
Panel Two: The alarm clock says 2:30 AM; Aimsley's just staring at it.
Aimsley thinks: "Layla."
Panel Three: He's setting the box back down on his dresser.
Aimsley thinks: "I hope she doesn't tell Kimble what I did… fuck! I'm so stupid!"
Aimsley thinks: "stupid- stupid- stupid- stupid- stupid- stupid- stupid-STUPID!"
Panel Four: He's stretched out on his bed, cross-legged with his hands behind his head.
Aimsley thinks: "today can't really get any worse can it?"
Panel Five: The door flies open.
Aimsley's Dad: "What goddamn time is it?!"
Panel Six: Aimsley sits up and looks at the floor.
Aimsley: "Two-thirty in the morning"
Aimsley's Dad: "And what goddamn time are you supposed to be in?"
Aimsley: "10:30 PM."

Panel One: Aimsley still looking at the floor, his dad has his hands on his hips.
Aimsley's Dad: "Jesus Christ, son! Do you want to breach your probation and go to jail? Is that what you want?"
Aimsley: "No."
Aimsley's Dad: "Well you keep this shit up and that's what you're going to get!"
Panel Two: Same shot as before. Aimsley looks at his dad.
Aimsley's Dad: "I'm not bailing your ass out of trouble again."
Aimsley: "I know, I'm sorry, it won't happen again."
Aimsley's Dad: "You're goddamn right it won't happen again. You're grounded."
Aimsley: "What!?"
Panel Four: Aimsley stands up
Aimsley: "Grounded? You haven't grounded me since I was 12!"
Aimsley's Dad: "You're grounded until your probation's over--"
Aimsley: "That's not for another five months!"
Aimsley's Dad: "--and there are lots of chores to do around the house too."
Panel Five: Aimsley's sitting down again.
Aimsley's Dad: "Are we clear?"
Aimsley: "but--"
Aimsley's Dad: "Are we clear??"
Aimsley: "Yes, dad."
Panel Six: Aimsley's dad leaves.
Aimsley: "Fuck."

Panel One: Aimsley picks the box back up.
Aimsley thinks: "what am I going to do with you?
Panel Two: Looking hard at it, he sees there are letters engraved in it.
Panel Three: Close up of the letters
Aimsley thinks: "I can't read that."
Panel Four: He gets up to take a piss.
Panel Five: Washing his hands he looks into the mirror
Panel Six: The mirror begins to break
Aimsley: "What the--?"
Panel Seven: The mirror fixes itself.
Aimsley: "holy shit--"

All the panels on this page are panorama views, all the same size.
Panel One: Bird-eyes view of a car driving down a back road towards the cabin.
Panel Two: We see two of the Black-Eyed kids in the back seat
BEK #1: "Thank you for driving us home."
BEK #2: "Our mother would like to thank you."
Panel Three: In the front seat there's a younger man driving, about 28. In the passenger seat there's BEK #3, the girl. The man's been hypnotized and has a vacant look in his face.
BEK #3: "Would you like to meet our mother, mister?"
Man #2: "Yes, I would like that very much."
BEK #3: "Mother would like that very much too. Hold still."
Panel Four: This panel's the same except the girl is unzipping the man's pants and is putting her head in his lap.
Panel Five: Same shot as Panel One except now they're closer to the cabin.
Man #2: "MMMMmmmm--"
Man: "--AHHHHH!!!"

Panel One: Steve, Josh and Dono are all waiting in the hospital for Jon. Dono's pacing.
Dono: "This is taking forever."
Josh: "Sit down."
Dono: "I don't want to sit."
Steve: "Donovan, sit down."
Panel Two: Donovan takes his seat between his brothers.
Dono: "I just wish someone would come out here and tell us what's going on.
Steve: "They will, it takes time, ya know."
Josh: "I still say we should have brought Jackie with us."
Panel Three: same as above.
Steve: "She said she didn't want to come, so I didn't bring the bitch."
Josh: "She's not a bitch."
Steve: "Sorry. Whatever."
Dono: "Godamnit they're taking forever!"
Panel Four: same as above
Dono: "Fuck this, I'm gonna find the cafeteria, I need a beer."
Steve: "They don't sell beer at the cafeteria."
Dono: "Then I'm gonna find a pop."
Josh: "Get me one too."
Steve: "Yeah, me too."
Panel Five: Dono walking off
Dono: "Get one yourselves."

Panel One: Dono's walking around the hallways looking for the cafeteria.
Dono thinks: "Where the hell is this thing…"
Panel Two: He stops to a nurse in the hallway.
Dono: "Hey there, do you uh-- know where the cafeteria is?"
Nurse: "There isn't a visitor cafeteria, but there is a vending machine on the 1st floor."
Dono: "Thanks."
Panel Three: Dono walking down a flight of stairs in the concrete stairwell
Dono: "Figures."
Panel Four: Dono finds the vending machines. One pop machine, one chip machine.
Dono: "Right on."
Panel Five: Dono's trying to figure out which machine to use.
Dono thinks: "I only got a buck fifty, pop or chips? Pop or chips?"

Panel One: Steve and Josh are still just sitting there, eyes to the ground.
Panel Two: There's a scream from down the hallway, their eyes shoot to that direction.
Steve: "-the fuck--"
Josh: "--was that?"
Panel Three: People start running past Steve and Josh.
Panel Four: They're up on their feet about to take off running.
Steve: "What about Jon?"
Josh: "I dunno man! We should go!"
Steve: "What about Jon!?"
Panel Five: The two run towards Jon's room.
Panel Six: A doctor looking man is thrown in front of them.
Josh: "Holy shit!"
Panel Seven: He's all ripped up and missing an arm.
Steve: "What the fuck is going on?"

Panel One: Dono is hitting and punching the chip vending machine
Dono: "Fucking cock-sucking piece of shit! Give me my goddamn chips!!!"
Panel Two: Dono hears the commotion going on upstairs
Dono: "Give me my fucking chips before I rip your goddamn guts out of your--"
Dono: "--your-- what the hell is that?"
Panel Three: People start pouring out of the stairwell
Dono: "Holy shit!"
Panel Four: Dono slips in between the two vending machines while the masses run past.
Dono: "What the hell is going on?"

Panel One: Steve and Josh get to the room where Jon is supposed to be, but there's blood everywhere, bodies litter the floor, and Jon's gone.
Steve: "Jon!"
Josh: "Oh god, I'm gonna hurl, man--"
Steve: "We gotta find Jon!"
Panel Two: Josh starts to lean over
Josh: "--too late--"
SFX: "huuuurrrgggfff"
Panel Three: Steve's checking out bodies
Steve: "I don't think any of these are Jon, man."
Josh: "Then where the fuck is he?"
Panel Four: Jon the werewolf pounces on Josh and promptly rips his head clean off
Steve: "FUCK!!!"
Panel Five: Jon the werewolf is getting ready to pounce on Steve.
Werewolf: "rrrrrrrr"
Steve: "fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck--"

Panel One: Dono starts running up the stairwell
Dono thinks: "I didn't see Josh or Steve in there..."
Dono thinks: "what the fuck is going on up there?"
Panel Two: Dono goes through the doors: Steve's running towards the doors with the werewolf right on his back.
Dono: "STEVE!"
Steve: "AHHHH!!! DON! RUN! RUN!
Panel Three: The werewolf pounces and lands on Steve's back
Panel Four: Steve goes down as the werewolf mauls the shit out of him.

Panel One: Dono watches for half a second as the werewolf kills his brother
Panel Two: The werewolf eyes Dono
Dono: "Shit."
Werewolf: "grrrr…"
Panel Three: Donovan takes off running back down the stairs, the werewolf follows.
Panel Four: The werewolf jumps down the stairs to leap on him
Panel Five: Dono jumps the railing and falls down to the floor while the werewolf simply bounces off the wall and down the next flight of stairs.
Panel Six: The werewolf makes another pounce for Dono but the doors close in his face.
Panel Seven: Dono takes off down the hallway, the werewolf crashes through the door.
Dono: "fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck"

Panel One: Dono safely makes it to the front doors with the werewolf right on his ass.
Panel Two: There are cop cars parked outside of the hospital and a bunch of RCMP are sitting there, guns drawn, ready for anyone to come busting out.
Panel Three: Dono's shielding his eyes from the lamps.
Dono: "Shit! Run! There's a big-- a big fucking dog!!"
Panel Four: The werewolf busts out the front doors just about on Dono.
Panel Five: Dono just dodges the werewolf and rolls down the stairs.

Panel One: The RCMP open fire on the werewolf tagging him a few times.
Panel Two: The werewolf takes three leaps to make it to the top of the building and runs away.
Panel Three: Dono's lying on the ground with his eyes closed, a cop comes up to him.
RCMP Officer #1: "Are you ok?"
Dono: "*cough* *cough* yeah, I'm ok--"
Panel Four: They're helping him up.
Dono: "Is it gone?"
RCMP Officer #2: "Yeah, it took off."
RCMP Officer #1: "What the hell was that thing?"
Dono: "I don't know-- it--"
Panel Five: Dono puts his head down.
RCMP Officer #1: "It what?"
Dono: "It killed my brothers."

Panel One: Seen on the camcorder preview screen: Bran is interviewing Dylan McGuiness. They're standing outside of Wal-Mart, where Dylan works.
Bran: "And what did you say happened to you?"
Dylan: "umm… well I was inside after-hours about a week ago; I was stocking some of the shelves when it got really cold in this one spot--"
Bran: "--classic haunting sign--"
Dylan: "--yeah, anyway, I felt like I wasn't alone. I could feel someone watching me from behind me, so I looked, and there was a little girl standing there, but I could see her, like she was transparent, ya know?"
Panel Two: Shot from behind Joe, who's operating the camera.
Bran: "What happened next?"
Dylan: "Well, I was frozen there, I wanted to run, but my legs wouldn't work, like I couldn't get them to move, well, she took a step towards me and my legs just completely gave out on me, I fell backwards, when I did, I must-of hit my arm or something because when I yelled out she took off running."
Bran: "Shocking."
Dylan: "Well, what scared me most is that she ran right through a brick-wall… I just sat there with my jaw dropped to the floor."
Panel Three: Bran pointing to a spot on the wall
Bran: "And this is the spot where the girl ran through the wall?"
Dylan: "Yeah. Right through there... I called it an early night."
Bran: "let's go around back."
Panel Four: Joe presses stop for a second
Joe: "Around back? What for?"
Bran: We need to get inside somehow."
Dylan: "Whoa! Go inside? I didn't agree to that?"
Bran: "Yes, you did."
Dylan: "No, I didn't."
Bran: "You remember that paper you signed?"
Dylan: "What?"
Panel Five: Bran walking around back
Bran: "C'mon, it'll be easy."
Joe: "Have you done this before?"
Bran: "Nope."
Dylan: "I really don't want to do this."
Bran: "It'll only take a moment."

Panel One: The three guys are over by where Dylan was working
Joe: "Why aren't the alarms going off?"
Bran: "I took care of that before we got here."
Dylan: "How?"
Bran: "Never mind. Start recording."
Panel Two: The shot is once again from the camcorder preview screen.
Bran: "And this is where you say you saw her materialize?"
Dylan: "umm… yeah, this is the spot--"
Panel Three: worm-eye view of them and the roof, the lights are flickering on and off
Joe: "what the hell?"
Panel Four: the lights all explode, they cover their heads
Dylan: "SHIT!"
Panel Five: Joe, Bran and Dylan running out of Wal-Mart.
Panel Six: They're all getting into Joe's van.
Joe: "Why does this shit always happen to me!?"
Dylan: "Happen to you?! Why does this happen to me!?"
Bran: "Shut up and drive!"

Panel One: The next morning, Aimsley's alarm clock is going off, it's about 8am. He turns it off.
Panel Two: Aimsley stretches. He's slightly surprised.
Aimsley: "?"
Panel Three: Aimsley takes off his shirt, his back is fine.
Panel Four: Aimsley's checking it out in his mirror.
Aimsley thinks: "What the hell?"
Aimsley: "No way."
Panel Five: Aimsley's older brother, Roger, sticks his head in the door.
Roger: "What's no way?"
Aimsley: "Nothing. Doesn't matter."
Roger: "Talking to yourself again?"
Panel Six: Aimsley shoots him a dirty look.
Aimsley: "No. Everything's fine."

Panel One: His family is eating breakfast. [Dad, Mom, Older Brother, Older Sister] His mom is eating her eggs; his dad's reading the paper, drinking his coffee; sister's talking to her mom and his brother has his head stuck in the fridge.
Aimsley thinks: "I know I had those marks when I went to bed."
Aimsley's Dad: "Home right after school, you hear?"
Aimsley thinks: "But why don't I have them now? How can that be?"
Aimsley's Dad: "-- and I don't want you dilly-dawdling either."
Panel Two: Aimsley's sits down beside his sister, Tina.
Aimsley thinks: "Nah man, that happened; that happened."
Aimsley thinks: "it had to have"
Aimsley's Dad: "Boy, are you listening to me?"
Panel Three: Aimsley looks at his dad
Aimsley: "Yeah, I hear you."
Aimsley: "Home right after school."
Aimsley's Mom: "Why were you out until 3 am last night?"
Panel Four: Aimsley looks at his mom
Aimsley: "It wasn't 3am; it was 2:30 am--"
Aimsley's Mom: "--Same thing--"
Aimsley: "I was out."
Panel Five: Aimsley's dad is getting mad
Mom: "Out where?"
Aimsley: "I dunno. Out."
Tina: "You were out all night and you don't know where you were?"
Aimsley: "Shove it."
Mom: "Aimsley Patrick!"

Panel One: Aimsley's gets up from the table and grabs his backpack.
Dad: "Where are you going?"
Aimsley: [Dryly] "To school."
Roger: "That's a first."
Aimsley: "Fuck you."
Panel Two: Aimsley by the door, his mom stands up.
Mom: "Aimsley get back here!"
Panel Three: Aimsley keeps on going and slams the door behind him.
Aimsley: [yelling now] "I'm going to school!"
Panel Four: Aimsley's walking down the road to school.
Voice: "Deliver your message."
Aimsley thinks: "What message?"
Panel Five: Aimsley stops walking, there's a baseball bat lying on the road ahead of him.

Panel One: Aimsley picks the bat up off the ground and looks at it.
Panel Two: Aimsley's eyes turn from a dark blue to crystal blue
Voice: "Deliver your message."
Panel Three: Aimsley grabs the bat with both hands in front of him.
Aimsley: "What fucking message? I don't know what message you're talking about!"
Panel Four: The bat begins to glow along with his eyes.
Panel Five: A hand lands on his shoulder.
Panel Six: Aimsley whips around and slams a man in the face with the bat.
Man: "Ack!"

Panel One: Kimble lying on the ground.
Kimble: "OW! Motherfucker!"
Aimsley: "Oh shit! Kimble! Shit! I'm sorry, man!"
Panel Two: Aimsley helping Kimble up off the ground
Kimble: "What the fuck did you hit me for!?"
Aimsley: "I didn't know it was you!"
Panel Three: Kimble punches Aimsley in the face.
Kimble: "You sonovabitch!"
Panel Four: Aimsley's on the ground
Aimsley: "What the hell was that for?"
Kimble: "That was hitting me with that fucking bat!"
Panel Five: Kimble kicks Aimsley in the gut
Aimsley: "urghf!"
Panel Six: Kimble leaning over looking Aimsley in the face.
Kimble: "That was for making a move on my girl!"
Aimsley: "--what--?"
Panel Seven: Kimble kicks Aimsley across the face.
Aimsley: "ack--*"
Panel Eight: Aimsley lying unconscious while Kimble's walking away
Kimble: "And that was because I could."


Panel One: Johnny Trash, Tyler Walker and Ron Johnson are at work at the Coleville Community College (C.C.C.); they are Janitors. They're sitting in the break room. Tyler's smoking; J.T. and Ron are drinking coffee.
J.T.: "Did you hear what happened at the hospital?"
Tyler: "Yeah, man; that bear. That was fucked up."
Ron: "There was a bear at the hospital?"
Panel Two: Close up of Johnny Trash
J.T.: "That's what the radio said this morning on our way here, it killed like 14 people. The police aren't saying what it was, but people that were there say that it was either a bear or a really large dog. How the hell does a bear get into the hospital?"
Ron: "It killed 14 people?!"
J.T.: "Yup."
Ron: "Christ."
Panel Three: Ron Johnson has gotten up to get another cup of coffee.
Ron: "It had to be a really big dog then; there aren't any bears around here."
Tyler: "A dog's not seven feet all!"
Ron: "Eyes can play tricks on you."
Panel Four: Tyler digging in his bag
J.T.: "All I know is that I'm glad I wasn't there."
Tyler: "No shit, eh? Oh yeah, by the way Ron--"
Panel Five: Tyler pulls out his cover of "The Janitor" the comic he wrote and drew.
Tyler: "--check it out!"
Tyler: "This summer Ron Johnson is cleaning up the streets of Coleville as: The Janitor!"
Panel Six: Tyler hands Ron the comic book
Ron: "No way!"
Ron: "That's cool. So it's finished?"

Panel One: Ron's flipping through it
Tyler: "Yup. You can have that copy too."
Ron: "Right on, thanks. That's so cool."
Panel Two: Johnny Trash is lighting his smoke
J.T.: "What time is it?"
Panel Three: Their shift-supervisor, Paul, walks into the break room
Paul: "Breaks over guys."
Tyler: "Guess that answers it."
Panel Four: Johnny Trash is cleaning the hallway.
Panel Five: He opens the door to the broom closet, he's shocked. From far away, full door.
J.T.: "!"
Panel Six: same shot as before.
J.T.: "Oh for--! Get out of there."
Panel Seven: two students leave the closet
J.T.: "Damn kids."

Panel One: Tyler's taking the garbage outside to the large dumpsters when he hears a groan.
SFX: "groan…"
Panel Two: Tyler looks behind the dumpsters and Jon's lying there.
Tyler: "Damn kids."
Tyler: "Hey, guy? You ok?"
Panel Three: Jon's eyes open
Jon: "Huh? Where am I?"
Tyler: "At the college? You out drinking last night?"
Jon: "Drinking? Last nigh--"
Panel Four: Jon's up on his feet, the wound on his face has healed into a scar overnight.
Jon: "Steve! Josh!"
Tyler: "Whoa. Slow down. 'Steve and Josh' who?"
Jon: "My brothers!"
Panel Five: Jon slumps back down onto his ass and starts crying.
Tyler: "What's wrong?"
Jon: "My brothers… I killed my brothers…"

Panel One: Two people are fucking like rabbits in heat, the girl is on top.
Girl: "Oh god! Ohhhhhh!"
Guy: "*huu* *huuuhhh*"
Panel Two: On closer inspection it's Aimsley and Layla.
Layla: "Ohhhhhh! Don't stop! Don't stop!"
Panel Three: His head starts to feel sore. (Show a few stars around his head)
Layla: "Are you ok?"
Aimsley: "What?"
Panel Four: Layla's face turns starts to fade away into darkness
Layla: "Are you ok?"
Panel Five: Layla's face turns into Mike's face.
Mike: "Man? Can you hear me? Fuck."
Aimsley: "SHIT!"

Panel One: Aimsley starts to get up fast
Mike: "Whoa! Take it --"
Panel Two: Aimsley falls back down onto his ass
Aimsley: "oof!"
Panel Three: Aimsley rubs his head.
Mike: "It looks like you got knocked the fuck out, man."
Aimsley: "Fuck you, Kent."
Panel Four: Mike stretches out his hand to help Aimsley up
Mike: "Are you still sore about Alex?"
Aimsley: "You could say that."
Panel Five: Aimsley tries to get up on his own but falls down again.

Panel One: Aimsley sits there for a second.
Aimsley: "Groan."
Mike: "You can't blame me for that; I didn't know you two were going out."
Panel Two: Aimsley continues to sit there
Mike: "Anyway… she cheated on me with Santos anyway."
Aimsley: "Kevin?"
Mike: "Yeah."
Panel Three: Aimsley takes Mike's hand to stand up
Aimsley: "She really is the slut isn't she?"
Mike: "Yeah, dude, she is."
Panel Four: Mike and Aimsley are walking to school together
Aimsley: "You're lucky I didn't kick your ass for it."
Mike: "You're going to kick my ass?"
Aimsley: "Yup."
Mike: "Don't you know why they call me Super Mike?"
Panel Five: Aimsley points to his T-Shirt
Aimsley: "Because you wear a Superman T-shirt everyday?"
Mike: "Could have something to do with it."
Panel Six: They get up to the school
Mike: "So why were you lying on the ground?"
Aimsley: "Dunno."
Mike: "You don't know or just don't want to tell me?"
Panel Seven: They walk into the doors
Aimsley: "Pick on. I gotta get to class."
Mike: "Alright. See ya later."
Aimsley: "Later."
Panel Eight: Mike's walking down the hallway
Mike thinks: "what a strange guy--"
Mike: "--what the--?"

Panel One: Mike goes running outside where more people are screaming
Voice: "--why did he do it? Why did he do it?!"
Voice: "Oh my god!"
Voice: "AHHHHH!!!"
Panel Two: Mike's pushing his way through the crowd
Mike: "What's going on!?"
Panel Three: Mike gets to the front of the crowd where there's a guy lying on the ground with a puddle of blood all around him. It's Kimble.
Mike: "Oh god. Kimble. What happened?"
Guy next to him: "He jumped, man. He just jumped; no warning or anything!"

Panel One: Return of the Black-Eyed Kid. There's a large cauldron in the middle of the room, standing around it are the three Black-Eyed Kids and Jason Davis. Off to the side are a pile of body parts, mostly legs and ass. There are a couple body parts bobbing in the cauldron, there's no fire or anything, but it's bubbling.
Jason: "It's time now, go ahead children."
BEK# 3: "Thank you, Father."
Panel Two: The BEKs surround the cauldron and begin to regurgitate all the body parts they have eaten over the past two days.
Panel Three: Jason takes a shard of the broken mirror and cuts his hand
Panel Four: The blood falls into the Cauldron
Panel Five: The mixture begins to smoke.
Panel Six: A female body begins to rise from the spew in the cauldron.
BEK #1: "Hello, mother."

Panel One: The whole school has been let out. Aimsley is walking with his head down away from the crowd, where the ambulance is just leaving. You can see Layla crying hard.
Panel Two: Aimsley's walking past the spot where Kimble knocked him out.
Panel Three: He sees the baseball bat he dropped earlier.
Panel Four: He picks it up and looks at it.
Voice: "Deliver your message."
Aimsley: "What message?"
Panel Five: Birds eye view of Aimsley screaming into the sky
Panel Six: Aimsley starts to slam the Stop sign next to him with the bat.
Aimsley: "Fuck you! And fuck your message!"
Panel Seven: A cop car pulls up to Aimsley
RCMP: "Hey! What's going on here?"
Panel Eight: Aimsley doesn't stop; RCMP officer gets out of his car, puts his hand on his gun.
RCMP: "Drop the bat, sir! Do it now!"
Panel Nine: Aimsley turns and looks at the cop and does his "crazy smile".

Full page splash of Aimsley destroying the cop-car's hood with one hit of his bat.
Aimsley: "MOTHERFUCKER!!!"

Panel One: The cop draws his weapon and aims at Aimsley
Panel Two: Aimsley stares at the cop.
Aimsley: "Drop your gun."
Panel Three: The cop takes a couple of steps towards Aimsley
Panel Four: Close up of Aimsley's eyes, they're dancing with madness.
Panel Five: Aimsley takes off running, bat in hand.
Panel Six: Tons of speed lines around Aimsley.
Panel Seven: He stops and looks around.
Panel Eight: He's standing a couple kilometers outside of town.
Aimsley: "Whoa."

Panel One: Dono King is driving in his Dodge Ram 1500.
Panel Two: He drives right past a street fight between about 12 people.
Panel Three: He pulls into the hospital parking lot. There's cop cars and stuff there.
Panel Four: He pulls up next to Steve's Firefly.
Panel Five: He opens the door to the silver Pontiac Firefly.
Panel Six: He pulls off the Red Dragon hanging from Steve's rear-view mirror.
Panel Seven: He hangs the Red Dragon next to his Blue Dragon on his mirror.

Panel One: Dono's looking at the two dragons trying not to cry when he sees Jon far away.
Panel Two: Dono jumps out his truck.
Dono: "--Jon?"
Panel Three: Dono's waving his arms in the air as he rushes over to Jon.
Dono: "Jon!!!"
Jon: "Don?!"
Panel Four: Jon starts to run away.
Dono: "JON!!!"
Panel Five: Don can't catch up to Jon and he loses sight of him.
Dono: "Jon?"

Panel One: Jon's running away.
Jon thinks: "I can't."
Panel Two: Jon cuts down a back ally.
Jon thinks: "what do I say to him?"
Panel Three: Jon stops when there's about seven kids down a dead end.
Kid #1: "Hey you got any smokes?"
Jon: "No."
Kid #2: "I bet he does."
Jon: "I don't smoke."
Panel Four: The first kid takes out a knife
Kid #1: "Well that's just too bad."
Panel Five: Jon's eyes go dark
Jon: "You're making me angry--"
Kid #3: "man, lookit his eyes!"
Panel Six: The kids start to back up
Jon: "you're not going to like me when I'm angry?"
Kid #1: "Like I care if your angry-- what's--?"
Panel Seven: Jon starts to turn into a werewolf.
Kid #1: "HOLY SHIT!"
Panel Eight: See the silhouette of Jon changing into a werewolf

Panel One: Donovan hears the roar and runs towards it.
Panel Two: One kid's head lands near Dono
Panel Three: Dono looks down the back ally.
Dono: "What the fuck!?"
Panel Four: Jon's standing there, naked, blood all over him, a kid's hand in his mouth.
Dono: "J-Jon?"
Panel Five: Jon's looking at Donovan scared.
Jon: "Run."
Dono: "What's going on, man?"
Jon: "Donovan. Please. Run."
Panel Six: Jon starts to change again.
Dono: "What's going on!?"
Jon: "RUN!"

Panel One: Aimsley's running through the trees just outside of Coleville.
Panel Two: Still running.
Aimsley thinks: "What the hell is happening to me?"
Panel Three: Aimsley trips over a root
Aimsley: "WHOA!"
Panel Four: Aimsley lands on his chin
Aimsley: "oof!"
Panel Five: Aimsley sits up
Aimsley: "Ow… fuck…"
Panel Six: Rubbing the back of his head
Aimsley thinks: "what's next? Flying? Heat beams out of my eyes?"
Panel Seven: a black and white cat darts out in front of him
Cat: "mewr?"
Aimsley: "Hey, cat. How's it going?"

Panel One: The cat rubs up against Aimsley's leg
Cat: "mewr?"
Aimsley: "Yeah, it's been a rough day."
Cat: "purr…"
Panel Two: The cat starts to walk away
Aimsley: "see ya later, buddy."
Panel Three: The cat stops and looks back at Aimsley
Cat: "mewr."
Panel Four: Aimsley stands up
Aimsley: "What? You want me to follow you?"
Cat: "mewr."

Panel One: The cat leads Aimsley through the woods.
Aimsley: "You're a pretty cool cat. I'm gonna call you Homer."
Aimsley: "Where are we going, Homer?"
Panel Two: Through thicker woods.
Aimsley: "I bet you don't even know."
Panel Three: Still following
Aimsley: "I've lost it."
Aimsley: "I'm following a fucking cat."
Panel Four: the cat stops and looks back at him.
Homer: "mewr."
Aimsley: "what are we looking at?"
Panel Five: Tall panel of the tower."
Caption: "mewr."

Panel One: Dono running.
Dono: "shit-shit-shit-shit-shit-shit-shit-"
Panel Two: Werewolf running
Werewolf: "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr--"
Panel Three: Dono running out into the street
Dono: "-shit-shit-shit-shit-shit-shit-shit!"
Dono: "RUN! RUNN!!"
Panel Four: People looking at Dono weird as he's running down the street.
Panel Five: Jon the Werewolf comes into street too.
Panel Six: People stop to stare for a second.
Panel Seven: Jon slashes the face off of some dude staring at him.
Panel Eight: Everyone starts to panic.
Dono: "I fucking told you!"

Panel One: Jon slashes up a few people getting in the way of him and Dono
Dono: "Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!"
Panel Two: The werewolf catches up to Dono and is about to pounce on him, but Dono jumps and rolls over the hood of a parked car into the street.
Werewolf: "ROAR!"
Dono: "AHHHH!"
Panel Three: The werewolf lands on the car hood and lets out a howl
Werewolf: "AH-WOOOOOOOOO!!!!"
Panel Four: Dono's heading back to the parking lot
Dono: "What the fuck?!"
Panel Five: Dono gets into his truck; he can see the werewolf behind him.
Dono: "Jon? How can that thing be JON?!"
Panel Six: Dono looks up and sees the two dragons hanging there together.
Dono: "Josh."
Dono: "Steve."

Panel One: Dono remembers the werewolf killing Steve. Dono goes through the doors: Steve's running towards the doors with the werewolf right on his back.
Dono: "STEVE!"
Steve: "AHHHH!!! DON! RUN! RUN!
Panel Two: The werewolf pounces and lands on Steve's back.
Panel Three: Steve goes down as the werewolf mauls the shit out of him.
Panel Four: Dono watches for half a second as the werewolf kills his brother
Panel Five: Dono's attention is brought back when Jon lands in his Trucks Box.
Werewolf: "RAAAHHHH!!!"
Dono: "SHIT!"
Panel Six: Dono peels out of the hospital parking lot, the werewolf falls out of the truck.

Panel One: Dono crashes right through the parking lot toll
Panel Two: Dono hitting his steering well
Dono: "He killed them!"
Panel Three: We can see the werewolf chasing Dono in the rearview mirror
Dono: "You fucking killed them!"
Panel Four: Dono whips his truck around.
Panel Five: Dono guns it right for Jon.
Dono: "ARRRHHHHH!!!!"

Panel One: Dono hits Jon with the full force of his truck
Werewolf: "YIPE!"
Dono: "DIE!!!"
Panel Two: The werewolf lies on the ground for a moment; then he gets back up.
Panel Three: Dono hits the steering wheel again.
Panel Four: Dono hits the gas again and runs Jon over.
Panel One: Dono stops again, and looks in his rearview mirror.
Panel Two: Jon the werewolf starts to get up again.
Panel Three: Dono slams it into reverse and runs him over again.
Panel Four: Jon's still moving.
Panel Five: Dono runs him over again.
Panel Six: Dono looks at him, it is Jon again, human, lying in the road.

Panel One: Aimsley starts to step out into the clearing.
Aimsley: "Holy shit. That's what we're looking at?"
Aimsley: "Goddamn."
Homer: "mewr!"
Panel Two: Aimsley's about to take another step out to the tower.
Homer: "HISSS!"
Panel Three: Aimsley stops
Aimsley: "What?"
Panel Four: Closer inspection shows there's dozens of cats outside, playing, lying, etc.
Aimsley: "Holy shit."
Homer: "mewr."

Panel One: Aimsley looking all the way to the top of the tower.
Aimsley: "I wonder how high that goes…"
Panel Two: Aimsley looks down at the cat. Cat doesn't take its eyes off the other cats.
Aimsley: "So…?"
Homer: "mewr…?"
Panel Three: Aimsley nudges the cat with his foot.
Aimsley: "--any pussy out there for ya, Homer?"
Panel Four: One cat attacks another cat.
Cat #1: "RAWR!!!"
Cat #2: "HISSSSS!!!"
Panel Five: The one cat tears the other cat to shreds.
Panel Six: Aimsley looks at the cat again.
Aimsley: "Whoa!"
Homer: "Mewr."
Aimsley: "Guess not, eh?"

Panel One: Aimsley turns to walk away.
Aimsley: "Well, Homer--"
Homer: "Mewr?"
Aimsley: "I think we should take off--"
Panel Two: Close up of Aimsley
Aimsley: "--before we end up lunch or something."
Homer: "Mewr."
Panel Three: Aimsley hears a sound
SFX: "crunch"
Panel Four: Aimsley stops dead in his tracks
Aimsley: "what's-- what's that?"

Panel One: Kimble attacks Aimsley out of nowhere.

Panel One: Kimble hits Aimsley hard, Aimsley's bat goes flying.
Kimble: "SURPRISE!"
Aimsley: "ACK!"
Panel Two: Aimsley's lying on the ground, bat just out of reach.
Kimble: "I hope that hurt."
Panel Three: Homer attacks Kimble
Homer: "RAWR!"
Panel Four: Kimble kicks the cat into the trees.
Kimble: "Fucking cat."
Aimsley: "Homer!"
Panel Five: Kimble laughs as Aimsley starts to stand up.
Kimble: "Ha-ha-ha-ha."
Kimble: "Homer? That piece of shit? You actually named him Homer?"

Panel One: Aimsley stands up and looks his former friend in the eye.
Aimsley: "Kimble?"
Kimble: "In the flesh!"
Panel Two: Aimsley looks at his bat lying by Kimble's feet.
Kimble: "Sure, you got a family. You got money. Why did you have to try and take my girl? MY GIRL! Why? You were my friend?"
Aimsley: "You-- you're supposed to be dead--"
Panel Three: Kimble kicks Aimsley's bat away.
Kimble: "Oh yeah… that."
Panel Four: Aimsley makes a dive for his bat.
Kimble: "Oh ho!"
Panel Five: Kimble kicks Aimsley in the face before he can reach the bat.
Kimble: "Ah, ah, ah."
Aimsley: "uff."
Kimble: "You won't need that."
Panel Six: Aimsley lying on the ground, Kimble picks up his bat.
Kimble: "Anyhoo, about me being dead?"

Panel One: Kimble picks Aimsley up by the throat with one hand.
Aimsley: "*koff* *koff*"
Panel Two: Kimble holding him eye to eye.
Kimble: "Well, you see, it's pretty easy to fake your own death--"
Aimsley: "--urgle--"
Panel Three: Kimble holding Aimsley over the edge of a cliff.
Kimble: "--when you don't have a heart beat--"
Panel Four: Aimsley looks down at the river below
Kimble: "--or need to breath."

Full page splash: Kimble throwing Aimsley off a cliff into Blackwater River.

Panel One: Aimsley lands in the water.
Panel Two: Aimsley bobs up gasping for air.
Aimsley: "GAAAASP!"
Panel Three: Aimsley goes under again.
Panel Four: Kimble looking down, smiling, seen from Aimsley's perspective.
Panel Five: Same shot as above, only a little further away, throws Aimsley's bat in the river.
Panel Six: Lots of water bubbles.
Panel Seven: Little water bubbles.
Panel Eight: No water bubbles.


Full page splash: Aimsley walking by himself through a field of brown.
Caption: “I have been on this path for several days now… five… six… I can’t remember anymore…”
Caption: “I can’t remember seeing the sun in that time either; hell, I can barely remember what the sun looks like anymore… what light looks like”
Caption: “Want to know what I do remember? A cat--”
Caption: “--a cat then--”
Caption: “--I was here. I’m not even sure where here is. I haven’t seen anyone, or anything, not one rock of tree, or bug even--”
Caption: “--just brown grass.”

Panel One: Aimsley walking.
Caption: “If there’s no sun… how do I know I’ve been here for several days?”
Panel Two: Aimsley walking.
Caption: “--how come I’m not hungry or tired?”
Panel Three: Aimsley walking.
Caption: “Am I even going anywhere?”
Panel Four: Aimsley walking.
Caption: “no stars--”
Caption: “--no moon--”
Panel Five: Aimsley walking.
Caption: “--just me--”
Panel Six: Aimsley walking.
Caption: “--Aimsley--”
Panel Seven: Aimsley walking.
Caption: “--Aimsley… something…”

Panel One: Aimsley looks up to the sky.
Aimsley: “I don’t know how much more of this I can stand…”
Panel Two: shot from far away - everything’s normal.
Panel Three: same shot as before - he starts to glow.
Aimsley: “Wha--?!”
Panel Four: same shot as before - Large flash of blue light.
Panel Five: same shot as before - everything’s normal - Aimsley’s gone.
Panel Six: Aimsley is split up these three panels [hand] - see-through
Panel Seven: Aimsley is split up these three panels [arm] - semi-solid
Panel Eight: Aimsley is split up these three panels [face] - solid
Aimsley: “Ow--”
Aimsley: “--that hurt--”
Aimsley: “--a lot.”